Breathe Balm
Breathe Balm
Breathe Balm
Breathe Balm
Breathe Balm
Breathe Balm

Breathe Balm

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Say goodbye to the discomfort, inconvenience, and incessant sniffling associated with sinus congestion, runny noses, and allergies with our pure Breathe Balm. Our power-packed proprietary formulation means you’ll never have to flip-flop your way through another night's sleep, listen to your toddler sniffle their way through their ABCs, or have to deal with debilitating sinus pressure headaches ever again.

Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil, Ricinus Communis Seed (Castor) Oil, Farm Fresh Cera Alba (Beeswax), Essential Oils of Peppermint, Laurus Nobilis Leaf Oil, Eucalyptus, Blood Orange, Camphor, Ravensara, Lavender, Lemongrass 

Place a tiny smidge (think poppy seed) into nasal cavity, and a dime-size amount on your chest. Prepare yourself for maximum O2.  For detoxing, apply to temples and back of neck before a warm shower!

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Key Benefits

  • Natural Congestion Relief
  • Soothing Sinus Pressure
  • Child-Friendly: Safe for children as young as 6 weeks, our Breathe Balm offers a gentle solution for young ones
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Farm Fresh Beeswax
  • Improved Daytime Performance: Enjoy enhanced energy and focus during the day by getting a restful night's sleep

Key Ingredients


Experience the rejuvenating essence of eucalyptus as it clears the air and revitalizes your breath. Eucalyptus oil, derived from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree, offers a refreshing and invigorating aroma that helps to open up congested airways and promote easier breathing. With its natural decongestant properties, eucalyptus oil provides relief from respiratory discomfort, allowing you to breathe deeply and freely. Let the uplifting scent of eucalyptus envelop you, revitalizing your breath and restoring a sense of clarity and well-being.


Delight in the cool, refreshing sensation of peppermint, a beloved botanical known for its invigorating and soothing properties. The aromatic leaves of peppermint release a crisp and minty fragrance that revitalizes the senses and promotes a feeling of freshness. Peppermint essential oil, derived from the leaves of the peppermint plant, offers a cooling and clarifying effect, helping to clear the airways and enhance respiratory function. Breathe in the rejuvenating essence of peppermint and feel a renewed sense of vitality as it uplifts and invigorates your breath.


Embrace the soothing and balancing properties of ravensara essential oil, derived from the leaves of the ravensara tree. With its unique blend of therapeutic compounds, ravensara oil supports respiratory health and aids in maintaining clear and open airways. Its calming and grounding aroma promotes relaxation and helps to alleviate feelings of congestion or discomfort. Let the comforting presence of ravensara surround you, bringing tranquility to your breath and encouraging a sense of inner peace.