White Jade Gua Sha Gem
White Jade Gua Sha Gem
White Jade Gua Sha Gem
White Jade Gua Sha Gem

White Jade Gua Sha Gem

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Introducing the Jade Gua Sha Stone, a timeless beauty tool reminiscent of the regal queens of old. This exquisite stone, crafted from authentic jade, carries with it a rich history of self-care rituals passed down through generations. Imagine the queens delicately gliding this cool, smooth stone over their radiant skin, harnessing its incredible benefits. Paired with our luxurious Gua Sha Oil, this divine duo is designed to enhance your natural beauty and promote a youthful glow. As the stone gently massages your face, it helps improve circulation, reduce puffiness, and stimulate collagen production, resulting in firmer, more supple skin. Immerse yourself in the ancient beauty secrets that once graced the courts of royalty, and let the Jade Gua Sha Stone become an integral part of your skincare routine. Experience the transformative effects that await with this timeless tool and our exquisite Gua Sha Oil, as you embark on a journey of radiant self-love and self-discovery.

Our Jade Gua Sha Stone is typically made from authentic jade, a precious gemstone that is revered for its beauty and believed to have healing properties. Jade is a naturally occurring mineral composed of sodium, aluminum, iron, silicon, and other trace elements.

1. After warming up two pumps of Herbal Alchemy Gua Sha Oil between your fingertips, apply to your face, distributing evenly. 

2. Take White Jade Gua Sha Stone and hold it at a 15- to 30-degree angle against your skin.

3. Start from the center of your face and use gentle, upward strokes with the curved edges of the stone. Apply light pressure as you glide the stone outward, covering one area at a time.

4. Follow the natural contours of your face, moving along the jawline, cheekbones, and forehead. You can repeat each stroke 3-5 times for maximum benefit.

5. For acupressure points, use the rounded edge of the stone to apply gentle pressure and hold for a few seconds. Focus on areas like the brow bone, temples, and sides of the nose.

6. Remember to maintain a fluid and relaxed motion throughout the process, ensuring that the stone is always in contact with your skin.

7. Take your time and enjoy the self-care ritual, paying attention to any areas of tension or tightness and spending extra time massaging those areas.

8. Once you have covered all desired areas, gently clean the stone with a soft cloth or rinse it with warm water.

9. Follow with Flower Essence Kombucha Toner

By following these steps, you can effectively apply the White Jade Gua Sha Stone to your face, enhancing the spa-like experience with the Herbal Alchemy Gua Sha Oil.

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